As a social organization, Zeta Tau Alpha hosts our own social events almost every month within a semester. Aside from our Semiformal (fall semester) and Formal (spring semester), and our annual Glitter and Glow event in January, each event has a unique theme that is always different from the last. For example, within the past year we have hosted events themed “Barn Party” and “70s Disco”.

Along with our unique themes, we always try to host events at new and exciting venues around the St. Louis area. We alternate days of the week these events are hosted on between Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

Events give our chapter members a chance to interact with one another outside of the school setting, along with meet other members of the SLU community. Once a semester, we host an event exclusively for our sisters to help our bond grow stronger. Our events are always an excuse to have a good time and are just one more reason why Zeta Tau Alpha is so great.




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