Within this past year, SLU Zeta Tau Alpha has increased our GPA and moved up in ranking throughout all sororities on campus! We continue to increase as the semesters go on, and our wonderful woman continue to reach their individual GPA goals as well. We always put emphasis on academics and goals so that we can all be proud of the progress we make.

As being in a sorority comes with other responsibilities as well, we know that time management becomes more of a priority. We keep academics at the top by requiring a certain amount of study hours per week logged depending on your past semester GPA. Whether this may be studying in the library, chapter room, or any other study location on campus, we continue to hold each other accountable to work as hard as we can! We also make “major groups” every semester that we can use to form study groups!

Every week at chapter we acknowledge those who have gotten an A within that week, and monthly we elect a “ Student of the Month” who is nominated by another sister! Zeta Tau Alpha is proud of the work each of our sisters puts in academically and always finds way to give credit to those who are working extra hard!

We are so proud of our chapter members who earned a 4.0 GPA during the Fall 2021 Semester:

Abby Allain
Lindsay Bagley
Isabella Blackburn
Kelly Brennan
Cat Carlin
Tory Christian
Emma Davine
Megan Doehner
Haley Enslein
Meg Grundy
Alli Higgins
Anna Kappel
Libby Kolbus
Julia Mannix
Audrey May
Maggie Miller
Emily Mirsberger
Veronica Mussay
Anna Marie Nash
Carolyn Nika
Dani Nixon
Julia Ouellette
Anna Roberts
Josephine Wiles
Lillian Williams

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