Lindsay Garner


Ally Myers

First Vice President

Hometown: Rochester, Michigan Year: Junior Major: Investigative and Medical Sciences Pre-PA Why ZTA: I chose Zeta because of the authenticity and love that I saw in everyone that I met in the chapter. Zeta friendships are true friendships that make me feel supported and loved everyday and I know my sisters would have my back through thick and thin. Kappa Omega has provided me with leadership opportunities, genuine friendships, and a community where I feel so loved! I am looking forward to continuing to serve on EC this year so I am able to give back to the chapter that has given so much to me and continue to grow sisterhood!

Anna Marie Nash

Second Vice President

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky Year: Sophomore Major: Nutrition and Dietetics Pre Med Why ZTA: I chose Zeta because I felt so welcomed and I loved the genuine conversations I had with Zeta during recruitment. At the end of recruitment I felt like there was a place for me in ZTA. Zeta has been a home away from home while being at SLU and I have met some of my best friends through ZTA. It has given me so much in the past year and a half and I am so grateful for it. Additionally, Zeta’s values stuck out to me as values I find important in my own life. I truly do not know what I would do without this amazing community.

Maggie Greenless

Third Vice President

Hometown: Brookfield, IL Year: Junior Major: Nursing Why ZTA: Every round of recruitment when I walked into Zeta’s room I felt so comfortable and felt a sense of belonging between the sisters, which was what I was looking for. The relationships I saw in those members and now in my own friendships in Zeta, are why I chose Zeta.

Anna Teien

Fourth Vice President

Hometown: Edina, MN Year: Junior Major: Psychology and Spanish Why ZTA: My why ZTA is because of all the amazing people I have met and become friends with. I have felt so supported and held to a standard that has made me grow ways that will stay with me my whole life. As VP4, I have been loving giving back to a chapter that has given me so much, alongside working with a philanthropy that is so important. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else :)

Anna Kappel


Hometown: Kirkwood, MO Year: Sophomore Major: Social Work, Minor: Spanish Why ZTA: I chose Zeta because of how genuine everyone is. Coming to college, I did not see myself as being the type of person to join a sorority, but Zeta seemed so much more positive, uplifting, and supportive than what I have heard about sororities in the past. Being on our chapter’s Executive Committee continues to strengthen my desire to be a Zeta as I work alongside many other amazing ladies to help make the experience as great as possible.

Maggie Miller


Hometown: Downers Grove, IL Year: Junior Major: Physical Therapy Why ZTA: I chose Zeta because of how supportive and genuine everyone is. Going into college I was wanting to find a group of friends that were there for me no matter what, and I was able to find that through Zeta and so much more. Zeta has become my home away from home, and I am looking forward to serving on EC so I can give back to the chapter that has already given me so much.

Sophia Cuculich


Hometown: Naperville, IL Year: Sophomore Major: Psychology Why ZTA: Zeta is a place that fosters so much love and sisterhood. This was apparent to me from the first moment I talked to them during recruitment. Everyone I talked to truly wanted to get to know me for me. The people in Zeta that I have had the opportunity to get to know have been nothing but kind, genuine, and so full of love. ZTA has helped me grow not only as a leader, but also as a person. My sisters push me to be my best self and I know I will always have people to support me no matter what.

Olivia Korpecki

Ritual Chair

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri Year: Sophomore Major: Nursing Why ZTA: I chose Zeta because it was where I felt most at home. In Zeta, I am constantly reminded that I am loved and supported. Zeta has given me a group of friends that I will forever stand by my side. I am excited to be a part of such a supportive and loving chapter. I can confidently say that joining Zeta was the best decision I have made during my time at SLU.

Katie Sting

Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri Year: Sophomore Major: Sociology and Economics Why ZTA: When I went through recruitment, I kept ranking Zeta high because I wanted to keep up with the conversations I was having with the girls. At the end, Zeta was in my top two, and it was the first time I even thought about which chapter I wanted to join. I knew I’d find friends and a community wherever I went, but I ended up choosing Zeta because the values this chapter holds made me feel more at home. Genuine and love perfectly describes the Zeta chapter, and I felt it from the beginning and I feel it every day.

Kelly Brennan

Risk Manager

Hometown: Naperville, IL Year: Junior Major: Nursing Why ZTA: I chose Zeta for the authentic and genuine conversations I had during recruitment, and that I get to have every day. Kappa Omega exudes a welcoming and supportive energy, which is what drew me in to begin with. It is clear that everyone truly cares and wants to get to know each other. I am proud to be surrounded by people who value and lift each other up at every chance they get.

Libby Kolbus

Academic Achievement Chair

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN Year: Sophomore Major: Physical Therapy Why ZTA: I ​​ was the only person from my high school to come to SLU and was looking for a community that would make me feel at home. When I talked to all the girls in Zeta during recruitment that’s exactly how I felt. All the conversations I had were so genuine and easy and I didn’t feel like I needed to be someone that I wasn’t. I love how zeta has brought together a group of girls that are unique in their own ways, yet compliment each others differences.

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