Madison Fagan


Maddie is a senior from Downers Grove, IL. She is in the Occupational Therapy Program with a Spanish Minor. “Kappa Omega has given me so much— my best friends, a home away from home, and opportunities I never could have imagined. I’m so honored to give back and serve our chapter alongside other amazing leaders. Each and every day I’m reminded how thankful I am for my sisters, Zeta love is so so good.”

Olivia Crabtree

VPI: Coordinator of Committees

Olivia is a senior from Naperville, IL. She is a Forensic Science major with a Spanish minor! “Some of my favorite memories from college are because of Zeta and the friends and sisters that Kappa Omega has given me. I’m so lucky to have been able to serve our chapter on both PC and EC, and I know that the leadership skills I’ve gained through this experience will help me through the rest of my life. I’m so thankful for this chapter and the wonderful women in it!”

Lara Goodrich

VPII: New Member Coordinator

Lara is a junior from Carmel, IN. Her major is health information management and she is minoring in urban poverty studies. “I’m so excited to help a new group of girls fall in love with Zeta and our sisterhood this fall!”

Phoebe Wilson

VPIII: VP of Membership

Phoebe is a senior from Jefferson City, MO. She is a Health Science major and a minor in Health Care Ethics. “In the past three years, ZTA has given me a special opportunity to grow. I have been given leadership positions that have challenged, motivated, and encouraged me to become the better version of myself. My sisters have stood by me through all of the highs and all of the lows, and I genuinely do not know where I would be if it weren’t for Zeta.”

Tory Christian

VPIV: VP of Philanthropy

Tory is a junior studying early childhood special education. She loves baking, singing, and hammocking near West Pine. “My favorite part about my position is seeing the many ways that ZTA women show unity through our philanthropy as we continue to support survivors and those who are still battling breast cancer.”

Megan Doehner

Secretary (Spring 2020)

Megan is a junior from Omaha, Nebraska. She is a Bioethics Major with Spanish and Biology minors. “I’m humbled to serve on Zeta’s executive committee. This chapter has provided me with so many genuine, supportive, and uplifting relationships, and I aspire to give back what the chapter has provided for me. I’m looking forward to bringing our members closer while in my position and encouraging each other to join together in strength and unity. Can’t wait to be reunited oh so soon!”

Julia Ouellette

Secretary (Fall 2020)

Julia is a junior from Dayton, Ohio. She is studying Nursing. "I am so excited to get to know all of our Kappa Omega members better through this position! Zeta has given me the opportunity to connect with girls from all over the country in all sorts of different ways. I have met some of my closest friends in Zeta and I can’t wait to make new relationships through my new position!"

Sarah Domenick

Historian-Reporter (Spring 2020)

Sarah is a junior from Orland Park, IL. She is in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and is receiving her minor in dance. "I'm so excited to be able to take pictures and videos for our social media in order to showcase all of the amazing things our sisters plan. We have such a strong sisterhood and have so much fun together at our events. I am so honored to be able to capture those moments for our members to be able to look back on."

Jackie Bechtold

Historian/Reporter (Fall 2020)

Jackie is a junior from Inverness, IL. She is studying Health Sciences on the Pre-PA track. “I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve Kappa Omega as Historian! Zeta is made up of the most amazing group of women, and I look forward to sharing our sisterhood with others!”

Akanksha Shekar

Panhellenic Delegate

Akanksha is a senior from Naperville, IL. Her majors are Public Health, Health Management, and Psychology. “My favorite part about being on EC is the opportunity i have had to get to know so many new people, both within and outside of our chapter.”

Katie Mannella


Katie is a junior from LaGrange, IL. "Serving our chapter has allowed me to challenge myself in new ways and most importantly get to know more women in our chapter. This chapter has already provided me with so many new friends, laughs, and love and I can't wait until we're all back together again!"

Kate Olsson

Risk Reduction and Education

Kate is a junior from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is majoring in Civil Engineering. “I love Risk because I love working with and serving each member of the chapter! Genuinely all the Zetas make the position so much fun and always make my day, everyone is so sweet.”

Zoe Vernon


Zoe is a senior from Perryville, MO and she is majoring in Biology. “ZTA means the world to me. I have made my best friends here and I have grown so much with all my sisters and I couldn’t be the person I am today without them. I love Kappa Omega to the moon and back!”

Shannon Quinn

Academic Achievement Chairman

Shannon is a senior from Joliet, IL. Her major is Neuroscience on the pre-med track. “Zeta has introduced me to so many remarkable people that I look up to constantly. The women in my chapter are the reason I have grown into the person I am today and I am beyond grateful to have been able to have this experience with them!”

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